Meteor-Unity  3
A C#-based SDK for connecting Unity to Meteor servers
Meteor.Observe< TRecordType > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Meteor.Observe< TRecordType >, including all inherited members.

AddedMeteor.Observe< TRecordType >
ChangedMeteor.Observe< TRecordType >
CollectionMeteor.Observe< TRecordType >
Dispose()Meteor.Observe< TRecordType >inline
Fields (defined in Meteor.Observe< TRecordType >)Meteor.Observe< TRecordType >protected
idToRemove (defined in Meteor.Observe< TRecordType >)Meteor.Observe< TRecordType >protected
InitializingMeteor.Observe< TRecordType >
Observe(Collection< TRecordType > collection, Action< string, TRecordType > added=null, Action< string, TRecordType, IDictionary, string[]> changed=null, Action< string > removed=null, Func< TRecordType, bool > selector=null, IEnumerable< string > fields=null)Meteor.Observe< TRecordType >inline
RecordSelector (defined in Meteor.Observe< TRecordType >)Meteor.Observe< TRecordType >
RemovedMeteor.Observe< TRecordType >
Stop()Meteor.Observe< TRecordType >inline